About HTS

Why is there still inequality in America? How many women engineers are there and how have the numbers changed over time? Why did the Space Shuttle have two major accidents? Is Silicon Valley still a center of US innovation? Why was Winston Churchill thrown out of office immediately after the end of World War II? Why do so many people in the world go hungry? How has college football transformed American academia? To answer these questions and many others like them, come to HTS!            

The School of History, Technology, and Society (HTS) is an interdisciplinary unit within the Ivan Allen College consisting of scholars from history and sociology.

The School brings the perspective of the social sciences to bear on critical issues facing the modern world, while providing a source of analysis that emphasizes both change over time and cultural comparisons on an international scale.

Our Research

Historians and sociologists in HTS study all of the "traditional" history and sociology found at a liberal arts university, as well as the history and sociology of science, technology, and medicine.


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March 25, 2015

HTS Librarian Bruce Henson's Office Hours

The HTS librarian, Bruce Henson, will have weekly office hours in the Old Civil Engineering Building on Thursday March 26 from 12:30 PM - 1.